That Sounds About Right

I know I’m going to sound so completely cliche when I say this, but I love music. I can’t get enough of it. I love finding new artists that I’ve never heard of before. It feels like the greatest discovery, like a forgotten twenty dollar bill that’s been tucked away in a pocket and suddenly found.

But my love for music reaches so far beyond a simple respect for each artist. These songs help me with my creations. Ever since I started writing, it’s been a very important part of my process to listen to music. The music not only helps me focus, but I’ve found that it’s the quickest way to put myself right back into the world I’ve created.

Sometimes it takes a while to get back into the minds of characters. Especially for me. I must first shimmy out of my teacher skin, shove away all of the voices telling me to grade papers instead of write, say hello to my characters – my words, and then, maybe, I’ll start to feel the story rolling through my mind again.

And something that helps me get there faster is music. I choose a particular artist or genre of songs that seem to represent the feeling of each story. When I play those tunes, I feel transported. I feel focused. The world I’ve created colors and details in front of me with each note and lyric.

For my current series, I’m totally loving the artist, Fink. Check him out if you can. The Pandora station I have based on his stuff is my go-to. So what music do you listen to when you write? Here’s an awesome post by one of my CPs about habits. What keeps you writing? What do you need in place to feel creative?

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “That Sounds About Right

  1. kristirosewrites says:

    I set up playlist for my books. Music I’ve selected just for these characters and I am always looking for new stuff so THANKS! For my latest I’m listening to a fair amount of James Blunt, Pete Yorn, and Lifehouse.
    Music is a great tool. πŸ™‚

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