So… I did it. I finished. *collapses*

Over the last three weeks I’ve written like 14 chapters and 29,000 words. Sheesh. For a girl who averages a chapter a week and more like 2,000 words, this is a big deal. =) I’m proud of my self. It was crazy, like this feeling of being wholly immersed in what I was doing. Sometimes it was great, like being enveloped in my story and other times I was drowning.

This was a new experience for me, this whole OMG-I-must-finish-so-I’ll-just-write-the-rest thing. I think it might be because of the trilogy. The first two “end of books” didn’t feel like the end, because they weren’t. This one. This one was. And I felt this intense need to just get it out of me and be done with it.ย 

I love these characters and this story, but we’ve been smooched together inside my brain and on the page for too many years and I am fighting with them like siblings on a road trip.

I just need a break. I think it’s always a good idea to distance yourself from what you’ve written before editing it. So that’s my plan. Step back. Let it simmer. Then attack. =)

Ha! And I’m sure I’ll have more words about that journey, but for today this is all.

Thanks for reading! I’m off to my next book. =)


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