Words =)


I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been letting myself take a deep breath after finishing my trilogy. I’ve been very gentle, per a good friend’s advice. =) I’ve let myself not write, I’ve read, I’ve relaxed. Today, writing with my CPs at Starbucks, was the first time I’ve written on my new manuscript in a while. I got about 1,000 words in, which is something in this gentle, wordless time. I guess pure-talent-genius rubs off easily. Thanks girls.

After my time with friends this morning, I spent the rest of the day writing. But don’t get excited. It’s not what you think. I’m currently completing my ProTeach portfolio (formerly known as ProCert, currently known to me as one-more-thing-I-have-to-do). So I wrote a lot today, about 6,000 words. I know! If that was in my book, I’d be stoked. But no. I have to pay $500 and write a million words to prove that I know what I’m doing even though my principal is already doing that with our new evaluation system. (Have I convinced you to become a teacher yet?)

Ha! Anyway, rant behind me, back to my point. I spent my whole day with words. Not exactly the ones I wanted to write, but they were words, nonetheless. And even though they were teachery, educational, and boring I felt comforted by their presence, their ability to get me through something like this. You see, ProTeach isn’t tough. It’s mostly just a bunch of writing and compiling and doing stuff you really don’t want to have to do. So it’s more about getting my butt in a chair, pulling out my computer, and doing the work. The word work. The best kind, in my opinion. Words are magic. And being such good friends with them has its benefits.

I feel terrible for people who hate writing. I don’t mean that in a condescending way, seriously. There’s just so much in our lives that deals with words and I’m constantly aware of how much easier I have it because of my love of language. My kids, who I just finished squeezing short stories out of (not literally, eeww), were rolling their eyes at me the other day. We had our literacy day at school, a day that’s all about reading, writing, words. *Eeeeeeee!* They kept saying, “Yeah, but Mrs. C, you LOVE writing” when I was asking them why they weren’t more enthusiastic about our guest author or our read/write in. And it’s true. People like me are probably super annoying to the poor folks who have an estranged relationship with words at best. So I apologize for my giddiness and the enthusiasm of my fellow word lovers.

But it’s true. My perfect day is a day surrounded by words. Reading them, breathing them in. Writing them, letting them flow from my fingertips. And I hope, once they’re done rolling their eyes at me, my students get the wonderfulness of words, the power they hold, and how sweet it is to be good friends with them.


One thought on “Words =)

  1. kristirosewrites says:

    Sitting with you two is a great thing and I swear magic happens. I can’t prove it -except with what I created in my word doc πŸ™‚
    So the OT in me thinks that a fair amount of kids who would love writing actually hate it because they don’t have the foundation skills in handwriting and can’t find the energy needed to figure out how to physically write the words much less string them together in a cohesive manner. But that’s my soap box:-)
    I love that you’re being gentle. I love watching the new story begin to unfold even thought there is no time line as to when it’s expected to show up. I just love talking about it with you even though I should be mad at you about the scrivener thing. Scrivener and I have entered into a flirtation of sorts. I think I’m going to take the plunge. Scrivener thanks you:-)

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