Happiness all around!

Don’t you just love it when things are going well? And not only for you, but for the people around you?

What a fantastic feeling. =)

I finished my last manuscript, slipped right into my next idea, and can I just say that I am LOVING. IT.? (Sorry, that was sort of a punctuation free-for-all back there, but I can’t help it! I’m excited!)

Sure, I’ve always loved writing, like deep down in my bones, to the tips of my toes loved it, but lately I’ve been having so much fun with what I’m writing. My other books have been great, but they’re more on the serious end of things.

*Short segue in which Eryn describes her evolution as a writer:

My first novel was a middle grade mystery. (I teach elementary school, so no big surprise there. It’s what I primarily read at the time.)

My next three novels were the books in a YA fantasy trilogy. (Okay, still seeing the connection. This girl writes for kids, or bigger kids. Got it.)

The novel I just finished is a contemporary women’s fiction. (SCREEEEEECH!)

=) I know! This is especially silly if you know how little I actually read adult fiction until a little over a year ago. It’s actually what my friend, Kristi Rose writes and she started handing me books she thought I should read. I loved them, started devouring chick-lit stuff, and then decided to write my own!

I had so much fun writing in this genre that another idea quickly came to mind, followed by more and more. For someone who thought they’d always write exclusively in YA and middle grade, this was something surprising.

But I’m serious, people. I just finished my writing session for tonight and I was sitting here typing, smiling like a lunatic, and laughing at my own words. And besides making me look slightly crazy and probably making my husband a tad worried about me, it makes me feel tingly and happy beyond control.

Sigh. So that’s where I’m at. Happy.

Oh, as for the people around me (sorry, I got sidetracked about my stuff #allaboutme). Yes! They’re happy, too.

The hubs is being super creative right now as he is learning a new instrument. I am so proud of him for pushing himself and I love seeing the smile on his face when he makes progress. One of my writer friends just finished some awesome revisions on her latest manuscript and sent it back to her publisher for review (I’m still so impressed that I have a friend who has a publisher). And my other writer friends are kicking butt on Amazon, self-publishing like bosses and loving every minute of it.

Speaking of… a specific one of them is having a book birthday, tomorrow. In fact, her debut book’s, book birthday!!! How cool is that??

Anya Monroe’s FOR SURE AND CERTAIN is an awesome book. I’m so proud to call her a critique partner and friend. Everyone should look into this YA story. It has love, knitting (yes, please), and Amish people! Who wouldn’t love all that?

Anyway, all I’m saying is that things are good. Happy. I hope you are, too!


One thought on “Happiness all around!

  1. Kristi says:

    I love that you LOVE Chick-lit 🙂 I love talking with you about it. I can’t wait to start the books you recommended lately. I can’t wait to read your next story AND I can’t wait to watch Anya’s Book FOR SURE AND CERTAIN get cuddles and love from the outside world!
    We are so going to ROCK this year!

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