A Love Story

There’s a lot in this newest book that’s turning out differently than I expected it would.

It was supposed to be, almost exclusively, a women’s fiction story about a woman finding herself in a foreign land.

And while it still is that in many ways, it’s definitely taken on more of a love story tone. Sure, it’s becoming a love story in the most basic sense of the phrase. Gates, the love interest, and Molly just have something about them that has my fingers flying across the keys, has me writing scenes in a way that’ll put them together. But the love story part of this book is so much more than just two people finding each other.

This book has become a love story about Scotland. Just in the same way I find myself steering the story toward scenes where Molly and Gates get to interact,ย I find such a pull to write about this amazing country.

img_2290ย  ย img_2146

This book has become a tug-at-my-heart, reminisce-about-my-time-there love fest and I simply cannot help it. Readers, I’m taking this one slow, and I apologize for that, but as much as I try, I can’t seem to speed up this process. There’s something deep in my bones that is LOVING sitting deep in this story, returning to this lovely place, if only in my memories.

Even still, I’m heading into the halfway point and expect The Beauty of Perhaps to release late November. I will also be starting an ARC team for early readers and reviewers who might be interested in getting a free book in exchange for an honest review. If you’re interested in that, please join my Eryn Scott mailing list as I will be opening up spots to those people on the mailing list first.

Okay. =) Back to writing. Back to reminiscing. Back to my happy place.

Thanks for stopping by.


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