Sometimes, it’s murder…

Hi there, website friends!

Phew! Literally Murder is finally live. But not without its fair share of drama. I have to be honest, getting this book in your hands has been a little too close to the title.

If you preordered it, I can’t even begin to guess what happened there. I’m talking with Amazon and they are working on getting those who preordered it a refund. They are pretty slow moving, though, so if you email me at and tell me you were a preorder person, I would be happy to send you the book that way. Ugh. I’m SO sorry for how terrible this all turned out to be.

That ugliness aside, it is officially for sale now! (Link to purchase in picture)

Aaaaaand…. because I need a bit of a pick me up today, let’s do a cover reveal for book 3, Literally Gone!!! You guys, I think this cover might be my favorite yet!

Book 3 features the works of Jane Austen, but I won’t say too much more than that, so I don’t spoil anything from book 2 for you. 😉



5 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s murder…

  1. Merrilyn says:

    Yahoo! Can’t wait! Sorry for the mix up with preorders, sweetie! Love you and hope to see you both soon now that are PL’ers!

  2. pianojennyaskismet says:

    Hey Eryn, You are so amazing to me, the way you just keep tossing books out there!

    An author friend suggested I try writing a cozy mystery, since I tend to like quirky characters and lots of dialogue. I’m going to try doing one for NaNoWriMo, although honestly I’m not sure if I can pull it off!

    Anyway, I just an email to my mailing list of about 1500 subscribers and told them of my new plans. I also put links to recent cozy mysteries that I’ve been reading, and _Literally Dead_ was one of the ones that I included.

    So hopefully you’ll get a few sales over the next day or two!

    Jen My Amazon Author Page [7]

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