Life and Death in the Woods

The newest book in my Pepper Brooks Cozy Mystery series releases today!

Thoreau found peace in the woods. All Pepper finds is trouble. 

Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than a dead body. Pepper Brooks planned a peaceful week in the woods with friends to get away from the stress of daily life. When her dog, Hamburger, sniffs out a murder victim, suddenly the woods feel as far from the tranquil Walden Pond as possible. 

Pepper and Alex refuse to let law enforcement brush the case aside… they know there’s more to the story. Their investigation unearths long-buried secrets from Pine Crest’s past, some of which hit uncomfortably close to home. 

This case is more than a murder mystery. For Pepper, it just got personal. 

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The book will go up to full price next week, so get your copy today for just 99 pennies.

Readers, I’m so excited for you to read this one. I’m so proud of the character Pepper is turning into. And, yes, I know I made her up, but I’m telling you these characters have minds of their own! She’s come a long way from the know-it-all college girl who went around accusing everyone of murder. 😂😳😬

Next up in the Pepper series is….

For this book, we’re in the throes of winter in Pine Crest. Pepper is living and breathing Brontë sisters, researching for a big grad-school paper. And, is it just her, or are the creepy happenings around Pine Crest reminding anyone else of the pages of the sisters’ brooding books? When a body is found near the mysterious mansion on the hill, Pepper can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched… or followed.

Literally Stalked is set to release late 2018… but in the meantime, stay tuned for a new series in the works! More info to come. 🤗🎉🧡🤩 As always, thanks for reading!




“Brush” Up!

Okay everyone, it’s time to pull Civil Disobedience and Walden off your bookshelf, blow off the dust (if your copies look anything like mine 😳), and brush up on your Thoreau! Literally Offed is coming in the next few weeks and it’s full of nature, books, and more “sticky” situations for Pepper and her friends.

Sometimes, it’s murder…

Hi there, website friends!

Phew! Literally Murder is finally live. But not without its fair share of drama. I have to be honest, getting this book in your hands has been a little too close to the title.

If you preordered it, I can’t even begin to guess what happened there. I’m talking with Amazon and they are working on getting those who preordered it a refund. They are pretty slow moving, though, so if you email me at and tell me you were a preorder person, I would be happy to send you the book that way. Ugh. I’m SO sorry for how terrible this all turned out to be.

That ugliness aside, it is officially for sale now! (Link to purchase in picture)

Aaaaaand…. because I need a bit of a pick me up today, let’s do a cover reveal for book 3, Literally Gone!!! You guys, I think this cover might be my favorite yet!

Book 3 features the works of Jane Austen, but I won’t say too much more than that, so I don’t spoil anything from book 2 for you. 😉



New releases! Cover reveals!

I’ve spent the past few months trying something a little different and I’m so excited to share it with you, website friends! As a reader, I like all genres, but one of my favorites has always been mystery. So I’ve started writing a cozy mystery series!

I still plan to continue to write my chick lit. I Pick You is still very much in the works (I can’t wait for you to meet Evie and James). I just wanted to branch out a bit and try something new.

While I have a few series ideas brewing, my first is all about Pepper Brooks. Let’s just say her English degree  literally saves her life a few times in these literature-themed capers. She’ll be hitting shelves late September. I have the first and second books just about done, so you’ll get both this fall.

Oh, and the covers! I love love love them!

Stay tuned for more information!

Eryn 😉