YA Fantasy

The Antiarch Trilogy

Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy

Finding Axiom

Finding Axiom is the first book in the trilogy. Here’s the blurb:

When Finn, a sixteen year-old Enforcer-In-Training, learns that The Wall built to keep citizens safe from The Wild is really a cage, he starts questioning all he’s been taught.

Maybe animals aren’t as dangerous as he’s been conditioned to believe.

Maybe his rebel parents aren’t the bad guys.

Maybe he’s playing for the wrong team.

Finn must choose a side, either way it will cost him. His family, or his future…but neither are as terrifying as what may lurk beyond The Wall.

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A Conditional Truth

A Conditional Truth is the second book in The Antiarch Trilogy. Here’s the blurb:

Being an Enforcer is tough. Being an undercover spy for the resistance group, Axiom, is even harder. Not having the people you love know the truth is killer. 

When fellow Enforcer, Marissa, pursues Finn, he discovers she has the information he’s looking for. This leaves him with an impossible choice: stay true to Piper and ruin the mission or betray the girl he loves and save the city. 

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The Wall and The Wild

The Wall and The Wild is the third and concluding book in The Antiarch Trilogy.

In the climax of The Antiarch Trilogy, nothing will stop the Advisor from launching his newest deadly weapon against Axiom. Still undercover as an Enforcer, Finn must lead the rebellion growing inside Antiarch if he has any chance of saving the city. 

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Read the new epilogue for The Antiarch Trilogy for free!!! (Link to PDF in cover)




Ellie and the Underground

Middle Grade Mystery

Ellie 042

Her parents’ constant fighting has driven thirteen-year-old Ellie to hide out in between the pages of her favorite books and, on one occasion, even in a hall closet. While there, she finds her late grandfather’s journal and discovers he was searching for a treasure linked to the Nazis. Ellie hopes finishing what he started will solve all of her problems. Accompanied by her little brother, Ellie starts unraveling a trail of cryptic clues that lead her deeper into a mystery more than sixty years old.

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5 thoughts on “YA Fantasy

    • erynwrites says:

      Thanks, Mecca!!! Well, I loved having you in class, so I suppose we’re even. 😉 I’m going to miss you, too, but luckily you’ll just be next door. Come visit me often. Have a wonderful summer.

  1. Finn says:

    I read all three of your Finding Axiom trilogy, and I loved them. I’m also really glad that I got to have you as a teacher, you were great.

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