Women’s Fiction

The Beauty of Perhaps


Teacher required. Must have boat.

Molly is a predictable, no surprises, plan ahead kind of girl, and also the last person who should answer the ad for a teaching job on the remote Scottish island of Lilliebrae. She’s never been the type of adventurous spirit that would even consider such a radical change. And truthfully, she only took the job after things in her life in America went from bad to worse.

From day one on the island, Molly’s sure she’s not meant to stay. When a rugged journeyman arrives, things get even more complicated and she’s pushed even further outside her comfort zone. With his help, Molly works on finding the beauty of perhaps.

In this snapshot of modern day Scotland, Eryn Scott weaves one woman’s journey of self discovery with Scottish tradition and a sprinkling of windswept love.

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The Sweetness of Honey Pie


Honey Pieretti is sick and tired of being so nice. After her helpfulness leads to humiliation on her favorite baking-themed tv show, she and her lifelong best friend, Carter, decide to cast aside their trusting personalities by starting a competition to toughen up.

It’s all fun and games until Honey realizes she’s falling in love with her best friend. Convinced he doesn’t feel the same way, she must decide if she can live without his friendship or hide her feelings forever. But as the competition heats up and Honey’s given a chance at tv redemption, she finds that more than just love could ruin their friendship.

Can she prove to the boy next door that she’s still the girl he knows?

Available on Amazon =)

The Luck of Rainbow Gold


Rainbow Gold is lucky in every way, except love.

When the free-spirited, luck-obsessed, tea shop owner falls for bearded, suit-wearing Adam, she thinks her love-luck has finally changed. Then her tea shop starts to go under and she discovers Adam and his soulless corporation might be the reason why. Crushed that he’s not who she thought he was, she fights against her feelings for him. But she’ll need to see the truth in her so-called luck, if she wants to save what really matters.

Maybe it’s time Rainy started making her own luck.

Available on Amazon =)

Settling Up


1 bald spot  + 1 thirty year old  = zero chance at love.

If there’s one thing statistics professor, Lauren Sinclair knows, it’s probability. And she understands her current equation all too well.

Desperate to get herself back into the dating game, Lauren relies on statistical analysis and a ridiculously detailed list to help her find the perfect man.

Her friend Mack thinks it sounds like she’s trying to find a car instead of a husband. What does he know? He’s a tattooed, totally-not-her-type Blackjack dealer.

But maybe this professor needs to learn that love is more than a numbers game.

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Like We Used To: A Short Story


High school sweetheartscutest couple, and together forever are usually the words that describe Amy and Stuart. That is, until they’re replaced by words like separationdisappointment, and drifting apart. Can a high school reunion rekindle their love?

Available on Amazon!

Meet Me in the Middle


Ruby and Chris could be perfect together. Unfortunately, they’re working for opposing presidential campaigns. Unable to ignore their feelings, they become entangled in an across-the-aisle attraction complete with non-stop travel, Shakespearian references, scandals, and even a few meetings in airport bathrooms. It will take more than a miracle to help these two party-crossed lovers meet in the middle.

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In Her Way


Julep Maddox wants one thing: to launch her dental practice.

In her way: a hot-mess of a secretary, a delicious distraction named Andrew, oh, and also… the mob.
Now instead of focusing on her business, she’s doing j-turns in the middle of the night, using dental floss as a weapon, and hiding in a strange bathroom to solve a kidnapping.

What else could possibly go wrong?

Available on Amazon!

A Chance for Sunny Skies


Sunny Skies is drowning. The problem, besides the whole not-being-able-to-breathe part, is that when her life flashes before her eyes, she doesn’t recognize any of it. Convinced the universe phoned in a default slideshow, Sunny gives in to the current.

After a fisherman snags the twenty-six year old in his net, she decides it’s time to cast off her hermit like ways. When she meets slightly-less-awkward-than-her Brian, an archery-loving neat freak, she discovers that living her new life might be scarier than drowning. But scary or not, this may be the only chance for Sunny Skies

Available on Amazon!!!

9 thoughts on “Women’s Fiction

  1. Carol Houle says:

    Just finished reading “Settling Up” and loved it. I found it in my BookBub selection. Thank you so much for that. After visiting this page I noticed that I have another of your ebooks, “In Her Way”, which I’m going to read next. Thanks again, Eryn.
    Carol Houle

  2. Judith Wine says:

    Hi. I just finished reading “A Chance for Sunny Skies” and “The Luck of Rainbow Gold.” I really enjoyed both of them. I especially loved that Sunny was so different from the common book-perfect heroine. When is Honey Pie’s story going to be published?


    • erynwrites says:

      Hi there, Judith! I’m so very glad you enjoyed the books. =) Honey’s book is in the works and will be out this winter. If you’d like to receive email alerts when I have a new release, you can sign up for my newsletter or follow my blog.

  3. sjeckert says:

    I started reading these a while back and I just love the sweetness of these stories. I think you’re one of my favorite women’s fiction authors and def one of my favorite storytellers. 🙂

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